Thursday, July 20, 2006

Gates of Hell

Gates of Hell
As the gates of hell open wide
They watch us bleed and look aside
As hundred of people have died
Fire and death in the sky loom
Heralding an impending doom
A country once prosperous is now a tomb
A country destroyed ‘torn to shreds’
Dead bodies and severed heads
Litter the streets as destruction spreads
A ‘measured’ response to a violation
That was indeed out of terrible frustration
With many year of pain and occupation
Women and children die and refugees flee
To an unknown destiny among the debris
They cry, they scream; their only plea
Why can’t the international community achieve a peaceful solution?
Where is ‘peace studies’ and ‘conflict resolution’?
Is this ‘just war’ or just vengeful retribution?
© 2006 Huda Orfali
All Rights Reserved


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